Group Riding

How many of you guys are members of a bike club or go out with half a dozen mates at the weekend?   Does the group manage to keep together or is the front rider always having to stop and let the tail end catch up?  Why not try this;

Have a designated lead rider and a “tail end charley” (usually the best riders).   Nobody over takes the leader and no one gets behind Charlie.  When the leader approaches a junction he points to the side of the road where the second rider has to wait and direct those behind.  They do this until Charlie arrives and then they can move off.  By doing this the lead never has to stop and the group keeps going.  If there is a problem in the middle of the group, tail-end Charlie will pick it up and wait with the rider.  Eventually the lead will run out of  “markers” and realise there is a problem behind.  They can then retrace their route and locate the problem.

Remember the back of a group is always faster, so quick riders should stay towards the rear of the group and have their fun whilst those less accomplished can ride near the front where the leader can set a reasonable pace.

Simple when you know how.

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