Improving Your Riding

Not long ago I was in my local bike shop looking at what I couldn’t afford (as you do) when I got chatting to a few lads who were hanging around waiting for their mate to return from his bike test. I guess it was obvious I was an instructor from the ‘Day-Glo’ jacket and white helmet! We chattered about this and that for while and the conversion came round to advanced riding. You know the type of questions; What do you teach, Do I get cheap insurance etc. I thought nothing more and left them to it. A few minutes later one of the guys sidled up to me and in almost hushed tones asked if I could help him with cornering. He was really unsure as to how to negotiate any bends at anywhere near reasonable speed. Of course I was able to help him and we booked a day and put him on the right road with a smile on his face.

The point is just how many guys and girls are out there who because of peer pressure are just too afraid to admit they cannot do something. I have to say it is mostly the guys (bloody testosterone). The basics are easy but getting good at something requires practice and someone to honestly tell you if and where you are going wrong.

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