The New Bike Test

May 2009

From the 27th April 2009 the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has introduce the new 2 part motorcycle test to comply with European legislation.

The revised motorcycle test module 1 has provided new challenges for would be motorcyclists. Much has been written about the new manoeuvres. Details can be found here:

Whether we like it or not it is here to stay! And the sooner we embrace what has to be done and get on with it the better.

We at Riding in Action are very well placed in the training industry providing the space and facilities to be able to practice the manoeuvres required to pass module 1 of the practical motorcycle test.

The ability to be able to practice the manoeuvres at full speed are of paramount importance, if the student is to be able to perform the test safely. Much has been written in the media about the disasters that have occurred in the early days of the test.

‘New motorbike test is under fire’ – (26th May 09)
“The government is under pressure to rethink its new motorcycle test following a series of crashes in the first few weeks of its use.”

If you have never done this manoeuvre at the full speed (50kph) then there is a distinct possibility of panicking and applying the brakes when turning. We all know this should never be done, however, when faced with the unknown we do silly things!

Failure to get up to the required speed.

If you have never practised at the correct speed it is too late during your actual test to start to learn.

“A brake and swerve maneuver on a wet road is fraught with danger for even an experienced motorcyclist, so there needs to be a safer option for inclement weather conditions” (26th May 09)

The avoidance manoeuvre in the wet might sound scary, however, once you have experienced and practised the manoeuvre the reality is, it is quite safe and easy to perform.

What has not been reported is why the failures have occurred! The answer in our opinion is simple, to practice the manoeuvre a riding school needs to have adequate space to practice them at full speed. The truth is that the vast majority of schools are unable to offer these facilities. The DSA’s minimum space for a CBT training site is 80ft x 30 ft (less than the size of a tennis court). The Module 1 practical test is conducted on a area of approximately 300ft x 150ft (about the size of a football pitch! It is therefore not difficult to see the problem.

The DSA has seen fit to hire out their sites for schools to practice on, however, with the demand placed upon them (their own usage for the test and the number of schools wishing to use them) it very likely that any student will have very little time on the site to practice.

Which ever school you choose to train with, be sure they have the facilities for you to practice the manoeuvres at full speed. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Rest assured that we at Riding in Action have a huge site with all the Module 1 manoeuvres laid out for you to train on.

We hope to see you soon.

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