Spring 2010

Is it my imagination or are we seeing a change in the weather? It seems to me that at long last, we are seeing brighter skies and more importantly drier roads! Wooo!

Thinking of taking up riding? Well now is absolutely the right time.  Just a quick heads up, as we come into the summer months we are becoming busier and busier and as a consequence availability is at a premium. If you have specific times or dates you want for your training then get booking NOW or you may lose out.

Finally, for anyone out there that is not aware, March 14th (Mothering Sunday) is the date of the ‘Ride for Afghan Heroes’; a ride-out to show appreciation for our troops. Please note the registration for this event is closed and they are asking for non registered riders NOT to attend for fear of bringing the road network to a standstill! It will be a great turnout with more than 10,000 registered riders and it will undoubtedly receive high profile publicity. This is just what we need at the start of the riding season. Hope to see you there.

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