Testimonial – Matt – Course: DAS

“Excellent training service, very friendly and encouraging staff. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn or do a cbt. Helped me to pass my test and was very happy to have done it with them!”

Matt – Course: DAS

Testimonial – Joe – Course: DAS

“Only time I’d road a bike was 10 years ago in a field. Two years ago Riding in Action got me from CBT to full licence in 3 days. Excellent training throughout. Many thanks!”

Joe – Course: DAS

Testimonial – Neil – Course: DAS

“Great bunch of guys. A perfect mix of banter and serious safety advice with absolute patience throughout. Oh and I passed 1st time after the intensive course. Also good tips on maintenance from Steve.”

Neil – Course: DAS

Testimonial – David – Course: DAS

“Awesome bunch of guys, friendly, patient and informative, can’t thank them enough. Got me through mod 1 and 2 Direct access after 2 days training having not sat on a bike since my cbt 2 years ago. Thanks again.”

David – Course: DAS

Testimonial – Steve – Course: DAS

“Did my CBT with Paul on Monday, spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Martin and both Modules on Thursday. I passed both. Martin is spot on as an instructor, can’t rate him highly enough!! The others are a bit dodgy but hey… Lol. In all seriousness, fantastic place to learn and incredibly happy that I chose them. Thank you very much guys.”

Steve – Course: DAS