For those aged 16 and over

Upon successful completion it entitles you to ride up to 50cc if aged 16, or up to 125cc if 17 and over.

  • It is a legal requirement to gain a CBT certificate to ride any motorcycle or scooter on the road.
    (This is required regardless of what other licence you hold. The exception being for riding a moped if you obtained your full car licence before Feb 2001)
  •  A theory test certificate is not required for CBT to be taken.  However, a good understanding of the Highway Code is required.
  •  A CBT certificate lasts for 2 years, in which time you can go on to take one of our full licence courses, or simply retake your CBT.

The Structure:

he training day is split into 5 key elements: Each element must be completed to a safe standard to progress to the next one.

Element A – Introduction to CBT and why it is required.

Element B – Practical on site training, introduction to the motorcycle, basic machine checks, basic maintenance checks.

Element C – Practical on site training, the ability to demonstrate clutch control (on a geared bike.) Correct use of brakes, machine balance, slow/higher speed maneuverability, cornering, observations and more.

Element D – Classroom talk to establish students knowledge of road layouts, hazard perception, vulnerability, visibility and more.

Element E – Practical on road riding for 2 hours, only if the student has a demonstrated a suitable level of riding ability during the off road elements and has suitable understanding of the Highway Code. 
e.g. Roundabouts, Junctions, One-way systems etc, to include U turns, hill starts and emergency stops.

PLEASE NOTE: When you press the book now button, you will see 2 options… CBT for New riders or CBT for Experienced riders.
Select one and read the course details before choosing a date as this will allow us to match your ability with other learners making your course more fun and productive on the day!

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