Corporate Training

Many companies now offer their employees driver training and if their job involves driving then this is compulsory.  So why not for riders as well?  After all it is in your boss’s interest to have you safe on the road as they have a vested interest in your safety.

Why not start a bike club amongst those of you who ride at you place of work.  Form a committee and approach the management with a view to sponsoring the group taking advanced training.

We at Riding in Action are willing to help in this by assisting in putting together a proposal for your management and if necessary will attend any management meeting to discuss the benefits to them.

The benefits to them and to you are obvious:

A happy workforce is a committed workforce.
For you it’s getting better at riding and enjoying it even more.  A greater camaraderie with your friends and co-workers and a great challenge to see who the best rider is.