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For those aged 16 and over
Upon successful completion it entitles you to ride up to 50cc if aged 16, or up to 125cc if 17 and over.

It is a legal requirement to gain a CBT certificate to ride any motorcycle or scooter on the road.
(This is required regardless of what other licence you hold. The exception being for riding a moped if you obtained your full car licence before Feb 2001)

A theory test certificate is not required for CBT to be taken. However, a good understanding of the Highway Code is required.

A CBT certificate lasts for 2 years, in which time you can go on to take one of our full licence courses, or simply retake your CBT.




A course to train you for a restricted licence for people aged 19+


125cc LICENCE (A1)

A course designed to train you on Light motorcycles 120 to 125cc, for people aged 17 – 19.


Theory test

You can book your Motorcycle Theory test online here or by calling 0300 200 11 22 (option 01)

For help in passing your theory click here