By purchasing services provided by Riding in Action you are accepting the following Terms & Conditions

When attending a training course please remember the following: For all courses (except CBT) we must have details of your driver number at least one week in advance of the course. If we are late notifying the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) with your details, we cannot organize your practical/theory test.In the case that we are unable to confirm your details with the DSA and the test bookings become invalid or are canceled due to failure to provide information as required then the student will become liable for costs associated with rebooking future tests and associated training.

Riding in Action will endeavour to make your training as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, there is always a small element of risk in connection with motorcycling, which cannot be totally eliminated. Unlike a car, your instructor can have no direct control over your vehicle and ultimately it is your responsibility to ride safely. With this in mind you must comply with the following: Ensure that you are, and remain, fit to ride. Only you know your physical and mental condition. You must not be over tired, injured, or suffering from any ailment, which could affect your riding or judgement. You must not have taken any substances, which may impair your judgement and affect your ability to ride. You must inform your instructor if there are any problems in respect of the above or if any problems occur during your training.

All lessons are undertaken at the trainee's own risk. Should you require any further advice or help please do not hesitate to give us a call. All courses are booked on the basis of the information that you have given us; responsibility for ensuring that those details (including your licence entitlements) are correct, is yours – this includes how much previous riding experience you claim to have. Full terms and conditions are listed below.


These terms should be read as forming an agreement between Riding in Action, hereafter referred to as “RiA”, and the student or customer hereafter referred to as “the student”. 1. All courses have been booked on the basis of the information supplied by the student to RiA. The responsibility for ensuring that these details are correct (including licence entitlements), belongs to the student. 2. In the event of a mechanical breakdown or any other cause beyond our control, RiA reserves the right to re-arrange any course at the earliest convenience for both the student and RiA.

3. The Student/Instructor ratio for each course will be at the discretion of RiA and RiA will determine the aptitude of the student for each course.

Insurance 4. All training vehicles are hired to the student by RiA and are insured fully comprehensively against accidental damage. HOWEVER, the excess for the policy is £500. This means the student is liable for the first £500 of any claim or any damage made to the RiA vehicle or third party. If you have paid for Excess Protection this means your liability reduces to £0 excess. In the event of such damage no further training will take place until the damage has been paid for and/or repaired. 5. It is a condition of participating in any course that the student: uses a moped/motorcycle, which, if not provided by RiA, must be roadworthy and road legal up to and including valid insurance cover.

Eyesight All students must be able to read a car number plate over a distance of 20.5 metres with or without corrective aid as required. If glasses or contact lenses are worn when eyesight is checked the student must continue to wear them throughout the remaining training.

Cancellation Policy 6. If the student cancels their training course, then: (a) If the student has given written notice of cancellation to RiA not less than 10 clear working days prior to the start of the course the student will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid less 5% of each transaction if a credit or debit card was used for the payment. (b) If the student does not give 10 clear working days written notice of cancellation, then no refund will be due and all fees will be forfeit. (c) Any courses booked less than 10 clear working days before the start of the course date will not be eligible for a refund. (d)Should a course that is booked less that 10 clear working days in advance if the course date need to be rebooked by the student, the student should provide RiA 48 hours notice. Should 48 hours notice not be given there will be £50 administration charge and the total cost of any test for any test booked (e) If the student enters into an agreement for a full licence course (by booking such a course) and has started training (i.e. CBT or theory test) no refund will be given should the student wish to cancel the remainder of the course. 8. Any training not taken and completed within 12 months of the payment date is void. 9. Courses, or payments for courses, are non-transferable. 10. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable. 11. RiA accepts no liability for any claim, loss, damage, or expense arising out of the acts or omissions of RiA, its employees, or agents, unless those acts or omissions are caused by the negligence or wilful default of RiA, its employees, or agents. 12. The Student will be liable to reimburse RiA against any claim, loss, damage or expense incurred by RiA as a result of a breach of any of these terms and conditions by the student (for example, in failing to maintain valid insurance cover), to the extent that such claim, loss, damage or expense results from such breach. 13. Other than deposits, any monies paid by credit/debit card will incur a 2% surcharge. Cheques are not accepted as balance payments.

At any point during your course your instructor may determine that you require further training in order to complete a course to a satisfactory standard within the timescale of training. RiA will advise you on what will work best as far as reattempting a course or having training prior to a new course date.

We recognise that students all learn at different rates, we aim to tailor the course to ensure that the objective is as accessible as possible for all students and that all students get the most from our training.

For CBT courses, if you leave early by choice or are asked to by your instructor, they will advise you on costs of further training prior to reattempting another CBT if necessary or if you are ready to reattempt another CBT course, we will discount your new booking by 50% if booked within 2 weeks of your unfinished CBT.


For all riders it is vital you have a sound knowledge of the Highway Code. You will be questioned on your understanding and if you demonstrate a lack of knowledge, the instructor, for safety reasons,will use discretion as to whether you go on the road on the day of the course. If rebooking is required due to lack of road knowledge Extra training subsequent to this will incur additional cost.