(Compulsory Basic Training)

Minimum Age: 16
CBT is the first course that learner motorcyclists are required to attend. The CBT course generally takes a whole day to complete, and providing a safe and satisfactory standard has been achieved, you will be awarded a DL196 (CBT Certificate) which will allow you to ride on the road unaccompanied for the next 2 years.

(Full Licence)

Minimum age: 24 (or 21 if you’ve held an A2 licence for 2 years)
The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) is for those people who would like to get a full unrestricted motorbike licence.

DAS is only available for people aged 24 and over, unless you have already held an A2 motorcycle licence for at least 2 years and are following the progressive access route.

Minimum age: 17

The A1 Motorcycle Licence is available for people aged 17 or above who want to ride a scooter/moped or motorbike with a maximum engine size of up to 125cc.

Minimum age: 19

The category A2 motorcycle licence is available for anyone over the age of 19. The A2 motorcycle licence allows riders to ride any motorcycle/scooter with a maximum power output of up to 35kw (46.6bhp).

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Our prices include; tuition, bike hire, insurance, fuel and rider equipment(Helmet, jacket & gloves).


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