Refresher & Post Test Training

Designed to suit your ability

A training day suited to someone that already holds a full licence but would like to hone their skills.


The day starts with an assessment of your current riding experience and skills. You will have the opportunity to highlight any areas of riding that you would like to address. Followed by a brief chat to discuss road craft.

This day is tailored entirely to the individual riders skills and abilities.

On your first ride your instructor will follow you to assess your current on road skills and hazard perception in a variety of situations; from urban riding to A roads, dual-carriageways and motorways.

A debriefing will follow with the instructor highlighting his observations of the ride. The instructor will then lead the ride demonstrating the correct techniques for the previously discussed scenarios. What follows after lunch will depend entirely upon what went before and the remainder of the day will be spent honing your new found skills.

At the end of the day, your instructor will discuss the days training and advise, where necessary any further practice that you could do or further training that you may benefit from. 

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